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Day 0;October 11, 2018(Thursday), Pre-Congress
World Ballroom B
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Lotus 13
APAAACI/APAPARI Junior Members Meeting
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WAO Training School
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APSID School
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Allergy Diagnosis Workshop
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APAAACI/APAPARI Junior Members Meeting
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WAO Training School
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APSID School
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Drug Allergy Workshop
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Program at a Glance
Congress Day 1; October 12, 2018 (Friday)
Hall A 
Lotus 5-7
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Lotus 11

Plenary 1: Food & Drug Allergy & Anaphylaxis

Chairpersons: Muthita Trakulthiwakorn (Thailand) and Frank Thien (Australia)
a. Hugh Sampson (USA) – Tolerance induction in food allergy – A better understanding of how to get there.
b. Phillip Lieberman (USA) Anaphylaxis –– Mechanism of understanding of the Non-IgE mediated events
c. Pascal Demoly (France) – Severe drug reactions – How do we approach it?
Coffee Break, Poster, Exhibition
Symposium #1 – WAO Position on Food Allergy
Chairpersons: Ignacio J. Ansotegui (Spain) and Pasuree Sangsupavanich (Thailand)
a. Mario Sánchez Borges (Venezuala): Oral mite allergy: the Pancake syndrome
b. Ignacio J. Ansotegui (Spain): Food allergy diagnosis: What is right and what is not validated.
c. Motohiro Ebisawa (Japan): Precision Allergy Molecular Diagnostic Applications (PAMD@) in food allergy
Satellite Symposium 1:
Symposium #2 –Asthma – Infections, Omics, MicroRNA and Severe Asthma
Chairpersons: Kiat Ruxrungtham (Thailand) and Ruby Pawankar (Japan)
a. Robert Lemanske (USA) – Infections and asthma – The current information
b. You Sook Cho (Korea) – What is the best practice for uncontrolled severe asthma?
c. Kittipong Maneechotesuwan (Thailand) – Role of microRNA in asthma
d. Supinda Bunyavanich (USA) – Omics approaches to asthma and allergy: Future perspectives
APSID Session 1: Clinical approach in Primary Immunodeficiencies (PID) care
a. Surjit Singh (India) – Diagnostic challenges in real life cases of children with PID
b. Narissara Suratannon (Thailand) – Managing PIDs in a resource-limited region: from conventional approaches to new tool
c. Kohsuke Imai (Japan) – (Predominant) Antibody deficiency: a diagnostic and management challenge d. Panel Discussion – Improving PID clinical care in Asia – is it possible?
Free Paper 1
Symposium #3 – Allergic Rhinitis
Chairpersons: Suwat Benjaponpitak (Thailand) and Allen Liang (New Zealand)
a. Ruby Pawankar (Japan) – Impact of environment biodiversity and air pollution on allergic rhinitis
b. Pongsakorn Tantilimpikorn (Thailand) – House dust mite immunotherapy in Asia, how much efficacy can we expect from it?
c. Jiu-Yao Wang (Taiwan) – Nerve growth factor in allergic rhinitis?
d. Yoon-Seok Chang (Korea) – Rhinitis in the elderly: Lessons from cohort studies
Sponsored Lunch Symposium 1
Sponsored Lunch Symposium 2
Sponsored Lunch Symposium 3
Plenary 2: “Asthma – from diagnosis to treatment and prevention” Chairpersons: Mukda Wangwerawong (Thailand) and Ashok Shah (India)
a. Robert F. Lemanske (USA) – Childhood asthma, lessons learnt from recent studies
b. Gary Wong (HK) – Personalized treatment of asthma: Science or Fiction?
c. Stephen Holgate (UK) – Can we alter progression of asthma by newer therapies?
Coffee Break, Poster, Exhibition
Product Theater by Danone
Symposium #8 – Grand Master Symposium in Food Allergy
Chairpersons: Pasuree Sangsupawanich (Thailand) and Hugh Sampson (USA)
a. Hugh Sampson (USA) – Update on the predictability of specific IgE in food allergy
b. TBC – The changing role of pre/pro biotics in the prevention of food allergy
c. David Fleischer (USA) – Is LEAP applicable to ASIA?
d. Yitzhak Katz (Israel) – Allergic proctocolitis and food-protein induced enterocolitis
Symposium #4 – Recent Advances in Atopic Dermatitis
Chairpersons: Nualanong Visitsuntorn (Thailand) and Zakiudin Munasir (Indonesia)
a. Pantipa Chatchatee (Thailand) – Food & atopic dermatitis
b. Kang-Mo Ahn (Korea) – Air pollution, the environment and atopic dermatitis
c. Yukihiro Ohya (Japan) – Barrier dysfunction in atopic dermatitis
d. Andreas Wollenberg, (Germany) – Immunomodulators in atopic dermatitis
Symposium #18 – Drug Allergy – Diagnostic and Therapeutic Considerations
Chairpersons: Hiok-Hee Chng (Singapore) and Wiparat Mayurakorn (Thailand)
a. Wen-Hung Chung (Taiwan) – Application of Pharmacogenetics
b. Jettanong Klaewsongkram (Thailand) – In vitro test in replacement of provocation tests
c. Ticha Rerkpattanapipat (Thailnd) – Graded challenge and desensitization; When should be considered and How
d. Pascal Demoly (France) – Approach to beta-lactam allergy: provocation or decision-model
APSID Session 2 : Allergy & Autoimmunity in Primary Immunodeficiencies (PID)Can Asian
a. Panida Sriaroon (Thailand) – Primary immunodeficiencies presenting with allergy
b. Hans Ochs (USA) – Hyper IgE syndromes: a family of disorders with a misleading name
c. Yu Lung Lau (HK) – Autoimmunity in Primary immunodeficiencies
d. Panel Discussion – pediatricians practise as both an allergist and an immunologist?
Free Paper 3
Opening Ceremony & Welcome Reception


Congress Day 2; October 13, 2018 (Saturday)
Hall A
Lotus 5-7
Lotus 1-2
Lotus 3-4
Lotus 11
Lotus 12
7.45-8.30 .
Meet the Expert
Meet the Expert
Leo Pharma
Plenary 3: Environment and Climate Change
David Peden (USA) and Chalerat Direkwattanachai (Thailand)
a. Yu-Lung Lau (HK) – Immunology – the newly emerged specialty in Asia
b. David Peden (USA) – Air pollution and allergy
c. Frank Thien (Australia) – Thunderstorm asthma
Coffee Break, Poster, Exhibition
Symposium #5 – Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) Management: An Update
Chairpersons: Narissara Suratannon (Thailand) and Peter Schmid-Grindelmeier (Switzerland)
a. Mark Reidl (USA) – HAE symptoms, pathophysiology, genetics and diagnosis
b. Connie Katelaris (Australia) – Update on International WAO/EAACI Guideline for the management of HAE
c. Anthony J. Castaldo & Henrik Balle Boysen (HAEi) – The value of patient advocacy groups and the key role of physician advisors
d. Gun Pongsamart (Thailand) – Thai HAE patients registry
Symposium #6 – Food Allergies in Asia Pacific
Chairpersons: Wasu Kamchaisathien (Thailand) and Lynette Shek (Singapore)
a. Wen Chin Chiang (Singapore) – Critical review of pro/prebiotics in food allergy and GLAD-P
b. Motohiro Ebisawa (Japan) – Low dose vs high dose oral immunotherapy for food allergy
c. Pakit Vichyanond (Thailand) – Wheat anaphylaxis – A rising cause of food anaphylaxis in children
d. Agnes Leung (HK) – Seafood allergy, the most common food allergens for Asia
Symposium #7 – Back to the Basic – the Allergens
Chairpersons: Suwannee Uthaisangsuk (Thailand) and Rudolf Valenta (Austria)
a. Rudolf Valenta (Austria) Factors determining the allergenic activity of an allergen
b. Punchama Pacharn (Thailand) – Cross-reactivities of grass sensitization, comparison of Asian vs Western world data
c. Alain Jacquet (Thailand) – House dust mite allergens, pattern of sensitization and approach to immunotherapy
d. Wisuwat Songnuan (Thailand) – The changing
APSID Session 3 : Innate Immunity Deficiency
a. Reinhard Seger (Switzerland) – Chronic Granulomatous Disease, a venue of infection and inflammation
b. Amir Hamzah Dato’ Abdul Latiff (Malaysia) – Mendelian susceptibility to mycobacterial infection as in born errors of the innate immunity
c. Pamela Lee – Gain or loss – A story of STATs
d. Panel Discussion – The price to pay for universal BCG vaccination – could we avoid paying?
Free Paper 4
Symposium – Advocacy and Education in Allergy
Chairperson: Ruby Pawankar (Japan)
a. Yoon-Seok Chang (Korea) – Asthma and Allergy Program: Korean experience
b. Richard Roh (Australia) – National Allergy Strategy: Australian experience
c. Soo Young Lee (Korea) – Atopic dermatitis education and advocacy
d. Pakit Vichyanond (Thailand) – Food Allergy education and advocacy
Sponsored Lunch Symposium 4
Sponsored Lunch Symposium 5
Sponsored Lunch Symposium 6
Mead Johnson
Plenary 5: Allergic skin diseases
Chairpersons: Kang-Mo Ahn (Korea) and Kanokvalai Kulthanan (Thailand)
a. Andreas Wollenberg (Denmark) – Are all atopic dermatitis the same?
b. Marcus Maurer (Germany) – Advances in the management of chronic urticaria
c. Kang-Mo Ahn (Korea) – Pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis, from gene to environment
Coffee Break, Poster, Exhibition
Debate / Case Discussion 1
Prevention of Allergy
Chairperson: Alfred Tam (Hong Kong)
Pros: David Fleischer (USA)
Cons: Hugo van Bever (Singapore)
Symposium #9 – ACAAI Symposium on Asthma – Asthma Control and Outcomes
Chairpersons: Francis Thein (Austrilia) and Kiat Ruxrungtham (Thailand)
a. Bradley Chipps (USA) – Early loss of lung function and/or cough
b. Stephen Holgate (UK) – New approaches to personalised healthcare in asthma
c. Todd Mahr (USA) – Asthma Control: How do we measure up?
d. Orapan Poachanukoon (Thailand) – Strategic management of ICS in asthma
Symposium #16 – Urticaria: From Research to Guideline and Real-life Practice
Chairperson: Kanokvalai Kulthanan (Thailand) and Iris Rengganis (Indonesia)
a. Orathai Piboonpocanun (Thailand) – Chronic urticaria in children
b. Marcus Maurer (Germany) – Guidelines for urticaria in clinical practice
c. Peter Schmid-Grindelmeier (Switzerland) – Forms of Urticaria – or what may look like (differential diagnosis)
d. Kanokvalai Kulthanan (Thailand) – Urticaria: The Asian perspective
APSID Session 4 : Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) for PID
a. Pamela Lee – Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for SCID in Asia: challenges, priorities and opportunities
b. Reinhard Seger (Switzerland) – Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Chronic Granulomatous Disease
c. Andrew Gennery (UK)- Advances in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
d. Panel Discussion – How can Asia catch up with the West in HSCT for PID patients?
Free Paper 5/ Wine Reception from PAI
Evening Symposium
Abbott (ALK)

Evening Symposium

Faculty Dinner (invited)


Congress Day 3; October 14, 2018 (Sunday)
Hall A 
Lotus 5-7
Lotus 1-2
Lotus 3-4
Lotus 11

Plenary 4: Precision Medicine and Biologics

Chairpersons: Kanika Piromrat (Thailand) and G Walter Canonica (Italy)
a. G. Walter Canonica (Italy) – Novel therapeutics in allergy
b. Stephen Durham (UK) – Allergen immunotherapy – Mechanisms and new understanding.
c. Rudolf Valenta (Austria) – Molecular Allergology – Precision medicine in allergy comes of age
Coffee Break, Poster, Exhibition
Debate / Case Discussion 2 SCIT vs SLIT
Chairperson: Hugo van Bever (Singapore)
Pros SCIT: Stephen Durham (UK)
Pros SLIT: G. Walter Canonica (Italy)
Symposium Session #11
EAACI Perspectives on Key Allergic Disease

Chairpersons: Iona Agache (Romania) and Muthita Trakultivakorn (Thailand)
a. Roy Gerth van Wijk (Netherlands) – Immunotherapy for food allergy, where we are.
b. Peter Schmid-Grandelmeier (Switzerland) – Atopic dermatitis; Precision medicine is moving in.
c. Ioana Agache (Romania) – Non-eosinophilic asthma: Phenotypes and endotypes
Symposium #12 – Significant and New Findings from the Asian Cohort Studies
Chairpersons: Lee Bee Wah (Singapore) and Tassalapa Daengsuwan (Thailand)
a. Chih-Yung Chiu (Taiwan) – The patch cohort (Prediction of Allergies in Taiwanese children)
b. Lynette Shek (Singapore) – Gusto (Growing in Singapore towards Healthy Outcomes) cohort
c. Soo-Jong Hong (Korea) – Cocoa cohort (Cohort for Childhood Origin of Asthma and Allergies)
d. Bee-Wah Lee (Singapore) – How do Asian results compare with those from Western countries?
Symposium #13 – Prevention of Allergy and Future Perspectives
Chairpersons: Jarungchit Ngamphaiboon (Thailand) and Yukihiro Ohya (Japan)
a. Ting Fan Leung (HK) Vitamin D use in the prevention of allergy, a critical look.
b. Supinda Bunyavanich (USA) – Microbiome in food allergy.
c. Yukihiro Ohya (Japan) – Use of emollient in the prevention of atopic dermatitis
d. Hugo van Bever (Singapore) – Prevention of asthma.
Satellite Symposium 2

Stallergenes (reserved)

Free Paper 6

Symposium #14 – Clinical Pearls from Leading Journals in Allergy
Chairpersons: Philippe Eigenmann (Switzerland) and Kiat Ruxrungtham (Thailand)
a. Philippe Eigenmann (Switzerland) – Pediatric allergy and immunology
b. Yoon-Seok Chang (Korea) –Asia Pacific Allergy
c. Kiat Ruxrungtham (Thailand) – Asia Pacific Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Sponsored Lunch Symposium 7
Sponsored Lunch Symposium 8
Sponsored Lunch Symposium 9
Symposium #15 – Anaphylaxis – All You Need to Know about Anaphylaxis
Chairpersons:  Hiroshi Chantaphakul (Thailand)
a. Phil Lieberman (USA) – Controversies in the management of anaphylaxis
b. Antonella Muraro (Italy)Severity score for allergic reactions : harmonized approach
c. Soo-Young Lee (Korea) – A prospective registry if anaphylaxis in Korea – 2 years data analysis
d. Takao Fujisawa (Japan) – Vaccine anaphylaxis
Symposium #10 – Rhinitis, Nonallergic Rhinitis and Chronic Rhinosinusitis
Chairpersons: Chaweewan Bunnag (Thailand) and Yu Zhi Chen (China)
a. G. Walter Canonica (Italy) – The United Airways – Revisit of the important unison.
b. Kiat Ruxrungtham (Thailand) – Practical Approach for Difficult to treat AR
c. Wen Chin Chiang (Singapore) – Allergic/Non-allergic and local rhinitis in children
d. Luo Zhang (China) – Chronic rhinosinusitis in Asia
Symposium #19 – How to Manage Food Allergy?
Chairpersons: Yukihiro Ohya (Japand) and Pakit Vichyanond (Thailand)
a. Yukihiro Ohya (Japan) – Preventing egg allergy, to do or not to do?
b. Lynette Shek (Singapore) – Peanut, treenuts and seeds allergy
c. Soo-Young Lee (Korea) – Plant allergy in children
d. Yitzhak Katz (Israel)– Cow milk allergy, natural history and how to prevent it
Coffee Break, Poster, Exhibition
Symposium #17 –Immunotherapy – From Basic to the Ultimate
Chairpersons: Carmela Kasala (Philippines) and Mongkol Lao-Araya (Thailand)
a. Stephen Durham (UK) – Mechanism and biomarkers of immunotherapy
b. Nitat Sookrong (Thailand) – Liposome-based allergen immunotherapy for house-dust mites and cockroaches
c. Luo Zhang (China) Allergen immunotherapy in China
d. Mongkol Lao-Araya – Systemic side effects from SCIT and SLIT – critical look and how to avoid them
Symposium #20 – Allergen, Mechanism and Biomarker
Chairperson: AB Singh (India) and Wanpen Chaicumpa (Thailand)
a. Anchalee Tangtrongchitr (Thailand) Cockroaches – The second most important source of allergens in Asia
b. Maria Socorro Agcaoili-de Jesus (Philippines) – Insect allergen and clinical allergy
c. Chih-Yung Chiu (Taiwan)– Microbiome and mite sensitization
d. Iona Agache (Romania) – Biomarkers in asthma
Symposium #21 – Air Pollution and Allergy: Global Challenges
Chairpersons: Gary Wong (HK) and Jamaree Teeratakulpisaran (Thailand)
a. Ting Fan Leung (HK) – Air pollution in Asia
b. David Peden (USA) – Global perspective of Air pollution on allergy prevalence and relapse
c. Nanthawan Vijitwatrakarn (Thailand) – Air pollution in Bangkok, what kind of smog are we facing now?
d. Soo-Jong Hong (Korea) – Outdoor and indoor particulate matter for lung health in children
Symposium #22 – Microbiome in Allergy
a. Chih-Yung Chiu
b. Supinda
c. Lee So-Yeon
Closing Ceremony


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